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Structural Change and the Rise in Markups
Job Market Paper (EEA’s 2023 Young Economist Award), 2023.
Keywords: endogenous markups, income elasticity of demand, manufacturing, non-homothetic preferences, online experiment, price elasticity of demand, services, skill premium, structural change, survey, technological progress


Risky College Admissions and the (Mis)allocation of Talent
Keywords: college admissions, college enrollment, college market, credit constraints, financial aid, High School Longitudinal Study, information asymmetry, Pell Grants, sorting, tuition discrimination


Numerical Methods for Macroeconomists (with Julia and Matlab codes)
Keywords: Aiyagari model, calibration, Coleman algorithm, difference equations, dynamic programming, endogenous grid method, interpolating functions, linearization, Markov chains, maximization problems, Monte Carlo simulation, nonlinear equations, numerical differentiation and integration, parameterized expectations, random number generation

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The Expansion of Varieties in the New Age of Advertising
Review of Economic Dynamics, Vol. 50, pp. 171-210, 2023.
Keywords: digital (directed) advertising, traditional (undirected) advertising, specialization, targeting, internet, varieties, welfare


The Great Transition: Kuznets Facts for Family-Economists
Handbook of the Economics of the Family, Vol. 1, pp. 389-441, Chapter 7, edited by Shelly Lundberg and Alessandra Voena (Elsevier), 2023.
Keywords: average weekly hours, blue-collar jobs, calibration, college premium, education, family economics, fertility, housework, Kuznets, leisure, market work, marriage, neutral technological progress, price of labor-saving household durables, skilled-biased technological change, white-collar jobs

Handbook Paper NBER WP Data: Ask Kuznets! Model: Run your experiments! Video summary at STEG The Atlantic

Investing in Public Infrastructure: Roads or Schools?
Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 25(7), pp. 1892-1921, 2021.
Keywords: debt intolerance, debt sustainability, developing countries, human capital, political myopia, public investment

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Building Resilience to Natural Disasters: An Application to Small Developing States
Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 135, pp. 574-586, 2018.
Keywords: adaptation, debt sustainability, natural disasters, resilience, small states

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The Long-run Decoupling of Emissions and Output: Evidence from the Largest Emitters
Energy Policy, Vol. 118, pp. 58-68, 2018.
Keywords: emissions, environmental Kuznets curve, environmental Okun’s Law


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Emissions and Growth: Trends and Cycles in a Globalized World
IMF Working Paper No. 17 / 191, 2017.
Keywords: emissions, environmental Kuznets curve, environmental Okun’s Law

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Collect More, Spend Better: Public Investment in Asian Frontier Markets
IMF Working Paper No. 17 / 10, 2017.
Keywords: Cambodia, debt sustainability, fiscal policy, growth, public investment, revenue collection, Sri Lanka, Vietnam