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Investing in Public Infrastructure: Roads or Schools?
Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 25(7), pp. 1892-1921, 2021.
Keywords: debt intolerance, debt sustainability, developing countries, human capital, political myopia, public investment

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Building Resilience to Natural Disasters: An Application to Small Developing States
Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 135, pp. 574-586, 2018.
Keywords: adaptation, debt sustainability, natural disasters, resilience, small states


The long-run decoupling of emissions and output: Evidence from the largest emitters
Energy Policy, Vol. 118, pp. 58-68, 2018.
Keywords: emissions, environmental Kuznets curve, environmental Okun’s Law


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The Great Transition: Kuznets Facts for Family-Economists
Keywords: average weekly hours, blue-collar jobs, calibration, college premium, education, family economics, fertility, housework, Kuznets, leisure, market work, marriage, neutral technological progress, price of labor-saving household durables, skilled-biased technological change, white-collar jobs

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College Admissions and the (Mis)allocation of Talent
Keywords: admissions, applications, college market, credit constraints, education policy, sorting, tuition discrimination


Numerical Methods for Macroeconomists (with Julia and Matlab codes)
Keywords: calibration, difference equations, dynamic programming, interpolating functions, Markov chains, maximization problems, Monte Carlo simulation, nonlinear equations


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Emissions and Growth: Trends and Cycles in a Globalized World
IMF Working Paper No. 17 / 191, 2017.
Keywords: emissions, environmental Kuznets curve, environmental Okun’s Law

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Collect More, Spend Better: Public Investment in Asian Frontier Markets
IMF Working Paper No. 17 / 10, 2017.
Keywords: Cambodia, debt sustainability, fiscal policy, growth, public investment, revenue collection, Sri Lanka, Vietnam



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