More Publications

Building Resilience to Natural Disasters: An Application to Small Developing States,
Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 135, pp. 574-586, 2018.


The long-run decoupling of emissions and output: Evidence from the largest emitters,
Energy Policy, Vol. 118, pp. 58-68, 2018.


Decoupling of emissions and GDP: Evidence from aggregate and provincial Chinese data,
Energy Economics, forthcoming, 2018.


Assessing the Impacts of Non-Ricardian Households in an Estimated New Keynesian DSGE Model,
Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 150(4), pp. 353-398, 2014.


Working Papers

More Publications

Emissions and Growth: Trends and Cycles in a Globalized World,
IMF Working Paper No. 17 / 191, 2017.

Paper Slides

Investing in Public Infrastructure: Roads or Schools?,
IMF Working Paper No. 17 / 105, 2017.

Paper Slides VoxEU

Collect More, Spend Better: Public Investment in Asian Frontier Markets,
IMF Working Paper No. 17 / 10, 2017.



Undergraduate level (UPenn):

  • Econometrics, TA for Prof. Diebold, Fall, 2018-2019.

At the IMF (HQ and central banks):

  • Model-based Debt Sutainability Analysis, Kenya, 2016. [Slides (Theory)]
    [Slides (Practice)]
  • Macro-Fiscal Issues in Natural Resource Management, Tanzania, 2016.
  • Public Investment, Growth, and Debt Sustainability in LICs: A Model-based Approach, Washington D.C., 2016.


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